Businesses, big and small,
need to continuously adapt to the ever
evolving landscape and economy.

A boutique law firm catering to private and public companies, startups and ventures, investors, funds and broker dealers.

We apply a practical business perspective
to our clients' needs.

Who We Are

Our areas of practice include corporate, securities & commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and alternative public offerings, venture capital, startup representation, corporate governance, private equity, intellectual property, risk management and litigation services, commercial real estate and crowdfunding.

Our Approach Is Unique

We apply a practical business perspective to our clients’ needs. We understand and consider corporate finance and its implications, investment considerations, how companies and businesses operate, and what it takes to make them grow. We further focus on developing a keen knowledge of our clients’ market – the competitive landscape, the industry dynamics and the economic environment.

Tailor Fitted Solutions

Indeed, companies and their investors need to continuously adapt to the ever evolving regulatory landscape and economy. We aim to help our clients compete and thrive, while providing legal solutions that fit each of their unique circumstances. Because we understand your business, you can rely on Foley Shechter LLP for legal solutions that fit your unique circumstances. We built our reputation by providing clients with exceptional judgment, critical and creative thinking, and a deep commitment to solving their problems. We’ve earned our clients’ trust because we understand that client service is a core value.